Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making the World of Education Come Alive

In the midst of the constant battle between the newfangled app landscape of the iPod and old time book learnin’ for control of my 4 year old’s brain, we occasionally cast out modern technology for a return to the calmer and greener pastures of practicing penmanship and our ABC’s.
ME: We are going to practice our ABC’s.

BOY: Why?! I don’t wanna read. I wanna play the iPod.

ME: You’re done.

The iPod goes back into the charger without a huge fight, but a single tear rolls down his eye reminiscent of the Indian pollution advertisement from the 70’s.

ME: Write down the alphabet.

BOY: All of it?!

ME: Yes and then we can practice writing some words.

BOY: Julia says we don’t need to write because everything will be on computers.

ME: Your sister is wrong. Reading, writing, and thinking are the most important things we can learn to do so we can share our experiences with other people and help make the world a better place.

BOY: OK. But if I have to learn, can I pick out the words to write?

ME: Sure.

Learning is its own reward and the eternal price we pay for educating future generations.


  1. That boy is a good speller! Whatever gets 'em writing, I say.

  2. The boy is a gifted speller and we are exploring Greek mythology which he finds hysterical because we all came from Uranus. I gotta find time to write. What are you up to? Hope all is well!