Friday, November 30, 2012

It's the Christmas Season and We All Want Better Offensive Lineman under the Tree

IN THE HUDDLE (as sung to the classic Elvis Presley song IN THE GHETTO)

As the punches fly
On a blue and orange Chicago field
A poor broken lineman is drafted
In the huddle

And Mike Tice cries
Cause he don’t need a bruised peach
It's just another journeyman to teach
In the huddle

Fans, don't you understand
The O line needs a healthy hand
Or they’ll grow into draft busts some day
Take a look at Webb and Carimi ,
Unwatchable on TV,
Why do they drop their heads

And the play is for no gain.
Well the gridiron turns
And an All-American with two good knees
Plays in a BCS bowl  as the D line flees
In the huddle

And his potential shines
So he hires an agent for the NFL draft
And he learns how to pancake
And he learns his craft
In the huddle

Then one night at the East/West Shrine
A promising lineman breaks down
He buys insurance, visits a doc,
Tries to rehab, but they cleaned his clock
And Mike Tice cries
As the fans gather ‘round the new draft choice
Facing another season without rejoice
In the huddle

As a rookie lineman signs,
After a cold and gray Chicago combine,
Another injured lineman is drafted
In the huddle
And Mike Tice cries

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