Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Pointless and Powerful Father/Son iPod Conversation

My son and I engage in yet another in a long series of pointless and powerful father/son conversations without ever making eye contact as he plays MegaRun on the iPod.

Boy: Dad, You’re Fired!

Me: Why? (I don’t argue because I’m sure there is a good reason.)

Boy: You’re being mean to me and I only had 5 minutes to play Mega Run on the iPod.

Me: You played for almost an hour and we are going to do something different.

Boy: You made my guy die! You’re fired and I don’t have to listen to you! Jon Lester is my new dad! (I worked with Jon a year back to produce his mobile game.)

Me: Why Jon Lester?

Boy: He has his own game. That’s cool and he would let me play! (I can’t speak to the parental techniques of Jon Lester but the boy makes some valid points.)

Me: OK. We have to start packing to send you off to Boston.

Boy: I don’t want to leave. Can’t he come here?

Me: OK. I need to start packing.

Boy: Where are you going?

Me: Jon Lester is your new dad. I have to go.

Boy: You know if you leave, the police will get you and throw you in jail. It’s against the law.

Me: It isn’t against the law if you fired me. That’s called a contract and you made a promise. (Two can play the legal unjustly fired parent game.)

The boy hits the rarely used pause button and makes eye contact.

Boy: Dad, you’re not fired. I don’t want you ever to go dad.  

We share the big hug from the soundtrack of every “Hey Dad, wanna have a catch?” soundtrack.

Boy: But if you do, would you leave the iPod?

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