Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why You Won’t Miss the Debate Watching the Bears Game

1.   Over/Under on combined smiles from Mitt Romney and Jay Cutler set at zero.

2.   Bears beat Obama and Romney on foreign policy with convincing “It’s my ball and I’m taking it to the house.” Plan.

3.   Romney believes that 47% are takers. Bears believe that 100% are takers and can score from anywhere on the field.  

4.   Obama bailed out Detroit. Romney tried to take credit. Bears crush them every year.

5.   Romney and Lovie Smith share the same great attention to detail in explaining respective team plans for the future.

6.   Referees or Moderators will be blamed by the losing team for changing the outcome of the game.

7.   Drilling a quarterback to cause a fumble from the blind side is a much better way to increase your “likeability” factor.

8.   Bears have a beat-up and old Brian Urlacher leading the defense. Obama has Biden.

9.   Cutler throwing a red zone pick is like sending Romney to a foreign land as an ambassador of good will.

10.               The Bears will cover. Obama and Romney will cover very little.

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